ECC Welcomes Back the Community

It's been such a pleasure to welcome groups back in to the Centre, after seeing it stand quiet and empty for so long during the coronavirus pandemic.

We know that bringing people together is one of the most important things we do, so it's been lovely to hear the sounds of laughter, chat, music and dance once again. Meanwhile our Ofsted-registered Nursery, Tots 'R' Us, has welcomed its children back for the new term.

We're taking it slowly and carefully, and only a few of our groups are back yet, but we're looking at ways of bringing more in while still being able to keep our distance and keep the Centre safe for everyone.

It means, of course, that things will be a bit different now. Users are required to wear a face covering when they come in and when they're moving about the Centre, unless they're exempt. This is in line with Government guidance which lists community centres among those places where you'll come into contact with people you don't live with.

We're asking users not to turn up early for their sessions. This allows for essential cleaning, and lets previous users leave the building safely without bumping into those who are arriving for the next one.

There's no waiting in the corridor while sessions are on – so we’ve taken all the chairs out. This means that if you're dropping someone off, you'll have to leave and then return to meet them at the door when it's time to pick them up.

For test & trace purposes, we’ll be taking contact information for everybody using the Centre. This will be kept securely for 21 days before being destroyed. And we're encouraging everyone to make use of the hand sanitisers around the building, to wash their hands regularly, and to clean down surfaces and equipment when they're finished.

It's all a bit strange, we know, but we're all having to learn how to keep each other safe by taking sensible precautions, while trying to adapt to the new way of life. We're pleased and proud to be able to be play our part.


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