INSIDE STORY – Tales of Seaham in lockdown

When Seaham, in common with the rest of the country, went into lockdown to try to control the spread of Coronavirus, it meant a massive change to all our lives.

Eastlea Community Centre launched the Inside Story project to document how these changes affected all the members of our community.

With East Durham Creates and print artist Theresa Easton, we asked people to tell us exactly what the new conditions meant to them.

And they responded responded magnificently. We were all so impressed by the creativity. They used words, pictures, collages and anything that came to hand to express just how different their world was now. These were collected into a “zine” – a self-published magazine – called Inside Story.

Those who took part also produced their own personal zines, and we hope to gather some of these together for a display later on.

Together, they tell the story that the history books won’t record – the frustrations, the worries and disappointments, the hopes and the humour, and the adjustment to a new way of living. The story of what it was like to stay inside for so long. The Inside Story.

Scroll through our 'Zine' below or click here to download.


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