VE Day Celebrations – 8 May 2020

ve-day-2020.pngUnfortunately, the Coronavirus lockdown meant plans for a VE Day celebration at Eastlea Community Centre didn’t come to fruition. However, this didn’t stop us from celebrating along with the rest of the country by reminiscing and making our own displays for our homes.

The highlight of the day was to celebrate one of our elderly and long standing volunteers, Ronnie Farn. Ronnie was nominated by the Centre to receive a special VE Day treat, organised by Dawdon Youth and Community Centre.

Ronnie received an afternoon tea, delivered to his door, alongside special messages from Eastlea Community Centre. Ronnie said ‘I am flabbergasted and didn’t expect anything and it’s the first thing I’ve received from anyone.’

Ronnie was just a young boy back on 8 May 1945. However, he is our own VE hero – Volunteer Extraordinaire.

The Centre reflected back on the celebration they held on 3 August 2014, which marked the centenary of the outbreak of WWI and also took in WWII. Staff and volunteers gathered hundreds of pieces of memorabilia, artefacts, furniture and other props to decorate and ‘stage’ the Centre, setting the scene for days gone by. Some dressed up in costumes, ration books were produced and common meals of that era cooked and eaten. Children from the FAB group were dressed as wartime children and carried their mask boxes. Displays were made which included Nissen Huts, aeroplanes, pictures and more. It was a wonderful celebration, bringing together many people, young and old.