A warm welcome at our new warm hub!

A warm welcome at our new warm hub

With the weather turning colder, Eastlea Community Centre has become one of the many places which are now providing a “warm hub” – a safe, warm and friendly environment where everyone is welcome.

Ours is called Community Comfort, and is a place where you can drop in for a meal, get warm, and meet others. We’ve been able to provide it thanks to funding from Believe Housing, and the tireless efforts of our hard-working staff and volunteers – who prevailed despite a number of unexpected setbacks at the first session, including one of the two ovens being put out of action, and the gas supply suddenly cutting out while they were working, which threatened to make it a "cold hub"! But all was well, and went ahead as intended.

Warm hubs have sprung up around the country, in the face of fears about rising fuel bills. Here at Eastlea, it consists of a home-cooked two course meal, as well as refreshments, bingo, games and activities, and a chance to just relax and read the newspapers, or choose a book from our community library.

We’re not charging for the service, although donations are welcome.

We were encouraged to see so many people turn up for our first session. 

Community Comfort will run every Thursday, with the meal being served at 12 noon, and will continue until 3pm. If you’d like to join us, contact us on 0191 581 2399 from 9.30am - 4pm Monday to Wednesday, or 11.30am - 4pm Thursday.